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    ❭ v.0.9.0.Robomongo.pkg

    Robomongo is a shell-centric, cross-platform, open-source MongoDB-management tool (i.e., admin GUI). Robomongo embeds the same JavaScript engine that powers the MongoDB 2.2mongo shell. Full Power of MongoDB Shell Robomongo 0.8.x embeds the same JavaScript engine (based on Mozilla SpiderMonkey) that powers MongoDB's v2.2 mongo shell. It means that you can reuse your existing skills of MongoDB shell in Robomongo! Robomongo provides you with syntax highlighting, autocompletion, different view modes (text, tree, custom), and more. Multiple Shells Open as many shells as you need. Every tab in Robomongo -- is a MongoDB shell, fully isolated from each other. You can have many opened shells for single MongoDB database, or many shells for many different databases. Multiple Results Robomongo executes your code in statement by statement way. That means that you will receive as a result for each statement you have. This feature can assist you, for instance, when you would like to view and analyse documents side by side. Autocompletion Robomongo provides you with autocompletion for all objects (and thus functions) that are known by the JavaScript runtime, including autocompletion for databases, collections, and even your document objects. To assist Robomongo autocompletion -- execute your code. This will make your objects available to JavaScript runtime, and autocompletion will work even for your custom functions and documents.

    Featured 10.11.6 0P1_ROBOMONGO_0.9.2.PKG (19065 KB)
    Featured OS X robomongo_vers_2.9.0_ryf0nl.dmg (16214 KB)
    Updated to MacOS 9QQE6O_ROBOMONGO_0.11.0.APP (17283 KB)
    Featured iMac Pro robomongo_v_0.12.0_m6oh4.pkg (20312 KB)
    Recomended to iMac vers.0.9.3-Robomongo-IPZrN.dmg (15145 KB)
    Recomended High Sierra vers.0.9.4-Robomongo-Wd8Ffi.app (19956 KB)

    Site: http://robomongo.org

    Best! version YUJuGV_CSV2QIF_version_3.4.3.dmg | 9104 kbytes | 3.4.2
    OS X 2.1.4.SL-NTFS.XI2P.DMG | 1333 kbytes | 2.2.4
    New on 10.11.5 gvWpE_Xeoma_v.19.4.7.pkg | 31616 kbytes | 19.3.8
    Recomended! version vers.15.3.4.ProPresenter.Reporter.FDI0HN.dmg | 49351 kbytes | 16.0.4
    iMac kDxL1.HTML.Condenser.version.1.4.dmg | 23347 kbytes | 3.3

    (20847 KB) Download 0VNFY 0.9.1 ROBOMONGO 2.9.0 High Sierra
    (18174 KB) Free 1GFSX V 0.12.0 ROBOMONGO 0.9.1 Version El Captan
    (18708 KB) Get h99qi vers.0.9.4 Robomongo 2.9.0 Recomended to Mac

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